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Who We Are

KMM Co. Canada: Advancing Industry and Community
KMM Co. Canada was established with a clear vision: to foster an industry that not only thrives but also uplifts the community, uniting individuals with shared hopes and aspirations.
Our primary objective is to create a collaborative ecosystem where professionals from related fields come together. Through mutual support and assistance, we strive toward a common goal: prosperity.
Our Journey
In 1992, the Alp Manufacturing Company made its mark in the production and operation sector. Specializing in condensers, anti-tubes, and galvanized pipes, Alp continued to contribute significantly to the industry.
In 1999, KMM Co. emerged, expanding its horizons. We diversified into the design and manufacturing of various vacuum forming equipment, including vacuum molds and foam machinery. Our product line extended to refrigerators, freezers, gas stoves, and water coolers. Additionally, we proudly manufacture medical equipment, waterproof doors, building skylights, flour factory machinery, lawn mower accessories, Conex components, telecommunication devices, artificial stones, cooling tower chillers, sporting goods, bathtubs, Jacuzzis, and even shipbuilding materials.
KMM Co. Canada remains committed to excellence, innovation, and community well-being. Our journey continues, driven by the spirit of collaboration and a shared vision for a prosperous future. 🌟🇨🇦

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